Academic papers are the truest testaments

In the world of studies, knowledge has become the most powerful weapon that could produce other weapons too, thus marking the superiority of knowledge as a key to every door. Thus the education levels can be thought as a common unit to measure the capability of a person and putting them up into different roles that are most suited to them. For the same issue to address a strong and efficient education system had to be established for comparing the measures and authenticate the levels of knowledge learnt and progress made. Hence it has been established hundreds of years ago in the European countries and USA whose systems prove out to be the base for the world’s education system.

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Academic levels and testaments

In order to check the knowledge of a person, examinations can be a litmus test that is useful to somewhat a limited section. But when the levels of education go up in terms of complexity of knowledge being acquired, mere examinations can’t be the right testaments. At such levels, the tests are performed in the way where the concepts and thoughts of the person are scrutinized and the student has to pen down his thoughts in a book consisting of various academic papers.

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