Diverse style of watches

As everyone know that in wrist watch market diverse style of watches are available for different occasion. Some watches are waterproof other are run by solar energy and some run by sensation of skin etc. On wrist critic person see diversity in style of watches any get many information of watches just click on www.wristcritic.com. This article is very helpful for readers to find various styles of watches.

Various style of watches

Contemporary automatic watch : Automatic watch is very popular watch among all. It works when person wear that watch on wrist. It doesn’t need any cell or any type of energy to move. These watches shows accurate time and made up from good material.

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Diver watch : Diver watch is a wonderful watch those who swim for hours in water or  they gone underwater for hours and need to watch time in water and it is waterproof watch.

Mechanical watch : Yet mechanical watch is another type of watch and has special quality. It is a automatic watch but also a hand wound watch. They look very elegant and they have a high durability.

Quartz watch : Quartz watch is a luxury watch. It is very expensive can’t afford by middle class people. It is mainly manufacturer in Japan and Switzerland.

In coming years it is replaced by pendulum clock.

Sports watch : Sports watch is a new trendy watch in today’s era and all people love sporty watch. It help in track the GPS and check person heart rate.

Space watch : As the name tell us everything and made in Switzerland. It is wear by astronauts in space when they travel. It has high technological feature specially made for space.

Two – tone watch : in this type of watch manufacturer use gold and silver colour in watch.