Know More on Uses of All sarongs

When we talk about sarongs, many people know by the names as sheath, or Pareos or Surong, Sri, Kanga Toga. However due to the popularity of the name Sarong, it is known by this name the world over.

Let us understand the uses of the all sarongs

  • Used as a clothing
  1. Wrap it like a skirt- This is the trendiest way of pulling off this sheath. It is classy and the prints are apt to suit your style.
  2. Turban- Various parts of the world use toga as a turban. Very ethnic and elegant.


  • Beach accessories
  1. A bathing suit cover up- Needless to say, after you’re swimming hours, wrapping with surong not only covers you up for the right reasons, but also is fashionably noticed.
  2. Beach mat- The pareos are often used on the beach as mats and blankets. It is soft and does not bother with the sandy part of the beach. The art work on it and the vibrant colors make the sarongs all the more intriguing.
  • Home décor items
  1. Place it on the wall- for a wall art; this is an exquisite piece to décor the room. The artistic work on it is marvelously done. The batik print, the color coordination, the texture, everything gels well when you place it on the wall. It is not only eye-catching but gives a contemporary look too.
  2. Couch cover- The boring pastel colors on our tables, chairs and sofas, bring in a sense of boredom. With toga, by your side, this is used to enhance the color of the room. You place it as your couch cover, and brighten up the room. The texture of the cloth, the design is all exclusive.
  3. Curtains- it is also interesting to know how fabric can décor your room with its soothing color.

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