Places where celebrities invest their money

We all very well know that celebrities are one of the biggest money makers in the world. Every year they make a very good amount of money, which we cannot even think of. When we go through, we come across some astonishing numbers. Moreover, I am pretty sure that you all must have thought about where do celebs invest all this money. Well, here are the places where celebs invest their money:




  • Real estate

Real estate is one of the best long-term investments and the most common place of investment for celebs. They like to invest a lot of their money in profitable properties. They invest by buying the most expensive properties all around the globe as their homes. This in return increases the net worth of celebrities.

  • Private equity

Private equity is another option where most of the celebrities invest their money. This investment can reap a very good amount of money due to which celebs invest in it. For example: Justin Bieber, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres are known for investing in private businesses. This is one of the reasons behind high celeb net worth.

  • Annuities

Plenty of celebs stash away their money in annuities. This investment generates a good amount of income for them, for a very long period. Even when their career is going through a rough patch, they are able to earn money due to annuities. Therefore, this is another place for investments for celebs.

  • Art

We very well know that art is a very profitable option for investment. Celebs are known for investing in art as they are of great value. Moreover, they use the pieces of art to flaunt around their wealth.

So, as you read, these are the main places where celebrities invest their money. All these investments reflect upon the celeb net worth.